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cost to install air conditioning in a house UK

cost to install air conditioning in a house UK

Installing an air-conditioning system costs about £1000 on average. However, installing air conditioning in a house in the UK could cost as little as £500, and it could cost as much as £1,800 depending on the brand you want to install. Many factors determine the cost of installing an air conditioner in your home. Such factors include the brand of the air conditioner you chose, its power and size, labour cost, and the installation requirements.

Materials take up about 80% of the total cost, while labour takes the remaining 20%.

A portable or freestanding air conditioner cost between £400 and £650, a window air conditioner cost between £400 and £800 and could take up to a day for installation. In contrast, a wall or floor mounted air conditioner costs between £400 and £1,500 for installation, materials, and labour. It would take about 3 to 5 hours to install depending on the indoor unit's distance to the outdoor unit.

It is not advisable to carry out your air conditioning installation by yourself; instead, you should call a professional such as an air conditioning specialist, a registered fgas registered engineer. This is because some of the chemicals used in the installation are toxic and require a specialist's knowledge.

Cost of labour

The average cost of hiring a professional to install your air conditioning is about £200 to £300 per day. However, the labour cost also depends on the size of the air conditioning system to be installed. Also, since the air con engineer might need an assistant for the installation, this might increase labour costs for your air conditioning installation.

A wall/floor mounted air conditioning system takes between 3 to 5 hours to install. So, if you want to install one, you should expect to pay between £200 and £300 for labour.

Other factors that could affect the cost of labour include – geographical location, the electrical condition of your home, the accessibility of your home, and the year's time.

Extra costs

  • Cost of plastering: installing an air-conditional would involve modifying or cutting out a part of the wall. After the installation, the wall around the air con would need re-plastering. This would cost around £100 if done by a professional plasterer.
  • Cost of loft installation: just as a good home insulation system can help reduce your home's heating cost. A good and effective loft insulation system would help prevent cooled air from escaping through the roof of your home, thereby reducing the cost of running your air conditioner. Loft installation typically costs around £300.
  • Cost of Draught Proofing: when the window and door glazing of your house is ineffective, it will increase the chance of your home getting droughty and thereby increase your cost of running an air conditioner. You need to check if your windows and doors need to be replaced. It costs around £300 to get a new uPVC window.
  1. If you are changing an air conditioner, then an additional cost of removing the old air conditioner should be added to the price. It typically costs between £50 and £100 and between 30 minutes to 2 hours to remove an air conditioning system.

Why you should install an air conditioner

  1. Control your home climate: an air conditioning system allows you to control your home's temperature. It is recommended, especially for rooms that are prone to overheating.
  2. Air-filtration: air conditionals also do not only help control the temperature of your home. They also filter the air in your home, thereby creating a purer and healthier air condition.
  3. It reduces the number of insects in your home: rooms with air conditioners have a lower chance of insect movements.
  4. Better sleep: if you are the type of person who finds it hard to sleep in heated rooms, getting an air conditioning system for your room could improve your sleep quality.
cost to install air conditioning in a house UK

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