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Design and Installation

Air conditioners are designed with one purpose in mind, and that is to regulate the temperature in your home to the particular temperature you want. They are designed in various ways, and this variety may determine your choice when making your purchase.

The size of the room in which you want to install the air conditioning unit can also determine the type to buy. Some air conditioners are designed to meet the needs of small rooms, while some other ones are best for big rooms.

Some of the various designs of air conditioners are the window types, the split air conditioner, the packaged air conditioner, and the central air conditioner. The central air conditioner is the best choice for big buildings, factories, movie theater, gyms, entire hotel, and offices. It can also be used in big houses.

Air conditioners are very easy to install. However, the method of installation depends on the type of air conditioner you buy; installation process differs from one type of air conditioned to another.

For example, if you want to install the window air conditioner, you need to create a space on the window and then slot the window air conditioner through that space.

The above description does not apply when you want to install a split-systems air conditioner on the other hand. It comes in two units: the indoor units and the outdoor unit. All you have to do is connect the two of them with tubing and electrical wire, and that is all. To be on the safer side, make sure you involve a trained expert for the installation.

Split Systems

Various Benefits of Split System

Functions of a split systems

What is a split system? It consists of two main parts, and these are the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. The unit located indoor is usually installed near or on the wall right outside the room. It can also be installed in the space where you want to cool in the home.

Compositions of the unit are a compressor, capillary tubing, expansion coil and condenser coil. The indoor unit looks very sleek and beautiful to behold. It is composed of air filter, long blower, and cooling coil.

What are the benefits of split systems?

They have many benefits over the conventional types. They perform very quietly. They do not make any noise while cooling the home and this is a great plus.

The fan and the compressor inside the split system are not located inside, but outside. Consequently, no noise from the fan and the compressor will be heard inside the home. Therefore, the multi-split systems are far better than the conventional type of air conditioner.

When buying the split systems air conditioner, you can always opt for a multi-split system. This system gives you access to more than a single indoor unit, and the indoor units are connected to just one outdoor unit. This way, it will be easier to cool more rooms with just one air conditioner.

The multiple indoor units can also be connected to just one room, and it will be the perfect machine for cooling a large room. It will help you to save energy bill too, and it will last for a very long time.

While other types of air conditioners may require lots of installation works, the split systems do not require such. It therefore never requires ductwork.

Only tubing and electrical wires are used in connecting both the indoor and outdoor units. It is the perfect choice for your environment and your wallet too since it is energy efficient and very affordable. You will get more value from the split system since it helps you save money.

Server rooms

What is a server room? It is a special room dedicated to the operation of a computer server. The room is usually air conditioned, or the purpose of keeping the computer systems used therein optimum condition. Excess heating up of those computer systems may hamper their operations. However, the cold condition of the server room ensures nothing of such ever happens.

A server room can become a data center if an entire station or building is devoted to it. Computers used in a server room are mostly headless systems. You can operate them using remote control, in particular through KVM switch. They can also be run through remote administration software. Superb examples of such software remote desktop, VNC and Secure Shell (ssh).

The unstable climatic condition can negatively affect energy consumption and the environmental impact of a server room. Therefore, the place needs to be kept at an optimum temperature at all times and the best way to ensure this optimum temperature is via air conditioning.

There is, however, moderate environmental effect if the server room is situated in an area where there is the abundance of renewable electricity and proper cooling.

Not all types of air conditioners can be installed in a server room. Such a room needs a highly powered air conditioner that can generate enough cool temperature to meet the need of the server room adequately.

The best type of air conditioner for a room like this is the central air conditioner. Its cooling power will keep the computers cool and will, therefore, ensure they run at their optimum.

When building a server room, experts agree it is not safe to build it in a room which one of its walls is an external wall of the building. This is because such rooms get dumped, and this can affect the function of the computers. Over time, the damp wall can make the computers rust. The top floor and the basements are also areas of the home where a server room should not be built.

Multi Split Systems

Important Features of the Multi-Split Air Conditioner

There are many types of air conditioners out there today, and the multi-split air conditioner is one of them. There are also many types of multi-split air conditioners being sold on the market today.

While these different types are designed in a rather similar way, they are still somewhat different in their features. When you want to buy your air conditioner, it is better you go for one with proven latest innovation.

How does multi-split air conditioner function?

The multi-split air conditioner comes with one outdoor unit and two indoor units. The two indoor units are connected to the single outdoor unit. The design makes it possible to maximize the use of the outdoor unit.

Instead of the outdoor unit powering single indoor unit, it will be powering two. This arrangement makes it possible to cool a bigger room using just one outdoor unit. It is also perfect for two small rooms. All you have to do is connect each of the indoor units from both rooms to the outdoor unit using ordinary tubing and electrical wires.

As hinted earlier, there are different types of multi-split air conditioner systems. Some of them are made with high-tech features that will make them last for a longer period. There are some of them comprising features like inverter technology. Some other ones come with heat pump and sensors.

Other features

Aside from the features described above about multi-split air conditioner, you should also know that the two indoor units can be set at the different temperature. If for example, you have installed each of the indoor units in two different rooms, you can set the temperature at a different rating on each of them, and this will not disturb the function of either of them.

How expensive is it

There are many brands of multi-split air conditioner being sold out there today. The price can depend on the brand. Some brands are considerably expensive, but some other ones are relatively affordable. The multi-split air conditioner unit may cost approximately £2000.

Home air conditioning

Home Air Conditioning Options

Home air conditioning can be achieved via several means. These air conditioning systems are designed differently. It is left for you to choose any that best fits you and your need and the décor of your home. You can decide to go for central air conditioning system for your home. This way, you will not have to buy an air conditioning unit for each of the rooms in the home.

The central system will handle all the cooling needs of the entire home. The only negative about this is that it consumes more energy and it culminates to a higher energy bill.

Instead of buying central AC systems for your home, you can always opt for cheaper alternatives. Some of the cheaper alternatives of air conditioners you can go for are discussed below

Portable air conditioner
This is the freestanding type of air conditioner. It is very easy to move around too. How does it work? It works by pulling fresh air and removing moisture and heat. It will then return the cool air to the room. They vent the warm air in the room to another location and this is usually outside and it can be passed through a window kit.

The installation is very easy and fast; in fact, it does not take more than few minutes. The portable AC can also be vented through drop ceiling or a wall hole. It can be moved from one room to the other very easily. The installation also does not have to be permanent. In addition, they are highly affordable. The drawdown is that they are not as efficient as the other AC options. Also, they can be noisy.

Ductless mini-split system air conditioners
They are highly efficient. They also work quietly and you do not need duct during installation. They are perfect for commercial spaces, offices or homes. They come with 2 basic parts, which are a compact blower unit located indoor and is usually wall-mounted and a large condenser unit located installed outdoors.

Other types are:

  • Window air conditioners
  • Through-the-wall air conditioners
  • Packaged terminal air conditioners.
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