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What to expect when your new air conditioning unit is being installed

Posted on What to expect when your new air conditioning unit is being installed

What to Expect When Your New Air Conditioning Unit is Being Installed

You have done a lot of research into searching for the right air conditioning unit that you are going to use at home or in your office. You spent countless hours comparing the various products and what they can give. You even checked out the different brands and read different reviews. You compared the prices of the various units and the features that they can provide until you have finally made your decision. Now that you have made a choice, and you have chosen your air conditioning unit, the fact remains that you need to have your air conditioner installed. How are you going to do that when you have no knowledge about what you should do?

Some people think that the installation process is going to be easy. They can just watch some London air conditioning installation videos and they feel that they can already do it on their own. There is one thing that you should remember: you may not have all the right tools and the right skills to ensure that things will go on as planned.

Why Hire Licensed Professionals?

Licensed professionals install air conditioning and HVAC units for a living. They are trained by their companies. They have all of the right skills and the knowledge to ensure that your air conditioning unit will be properly installed. There are some that specialize in a particular type of brand. For example, some air conditioning companies can recommend professional companies that they can trust to install their own units.

If you do not install your air conditioning unit properly, expect that it will not work that well. The unit’s performance can be greatly reduced. This means that you will be unhappy with your unit. You may even think that you made the wrong decision only to realize that it is because you have installed your unit wrong.

Replacing or installing the AC unit can be stressful for you if you need to find time to do it. Why not allow the professional company to do the installation instead? It will be more ideal for you. It can also get rid of the unnecessary stress you will experience if you are going to do it on your own. There are a lot of companies who are very particular about the services they will provide. They want to make sure that their customers are happy, satisfied, and comfortable with what they can give.

What to Look for in Licensed Professionals

  • Look for courteous professionals – You want to find people who are properly trained not only to do the installation process with ease, they should be trained to recognize that you are a customer and your satisfaction is their main goal. You would like the technicians to treat your home or your office like it is their own so nothing will get lost and nothing will get damaged.

  • Look for efficiency – You know that it will take years before people can actually become good at what they do. It will take not only training but also experience in doing various types of work. The more experiences technicians have, the better they will be in providing the services that you need to make the installation of your air conditioning unit a success.

  • Professionals should be familiar with the safe and efficient process to do the installation – There are a lot of steps that need to be done so that the air conditioning unit will be installed properly. If professional companies do not know these steps, it can be problematic for your unit. Look for technicians that can provide the best care possible so that your unit will not have any problems once installed.

Other Things to Consider

Searching for the right professional installation companies can be complicated when you do not know where to start looking. These are a few tips that will make things easier:

  • You need to ask for recommendations from your family members and friends. You may have family members who have hired companies in the past to install their very own air conditioning units. Ask them for some company names that you can trust. Once they give some recommendations, check the companies online.

  • Look for reviews. There are some customers who will be happy to say if they were satisfied with the services that they have received or not. It goes without saying that you should pick those who have received positive reviews as compared to those who did not.

  • Choose a company that provides air conditioning services that you are looking for. What if you would pick a company only to realize that the company does not offer what you need. It can be a huge problem. This is something that you can easily check.

  • Find companies that will provide 100% satisfaction guaranteed services. This means that if you are unhappy with the services that you will get, you do not have to pay for anything. Who would not want when their home conditioning unit is being installed?

  • Does the company offer 24/7 support? There are moments when the installation process will be done in a short amount of time but once you start using your AC unit, you will notice some things that are unsatisfactory. It is best that you let the installers know about it. This is especially true when your complaints are related to how they have installed the AC unit.

Now that you have also learned enough details about choosing the right company who can do the installation, you can just call them. You need to ask the company if they provide the service that you need in your area. You also have to know when they are free. Look for a time wherein you can be free as well. This will allow you to monitor what is happening as they install your AC.

Setting Up the Place

Expect that the professional installation company will check the area where the AC unit is going to be installed. They will check what they can work with or if they have enough space available for all of the possible tools that they would need. The areas that may become damaged will be covered with cloths and other material that will provide extra protection to the items. Some would even protect their floors especially if they have used exotic materials for their flooring.

Another reason why the place should be set up is to prevent the accumulation of dust in certain areas of the house. Some of the items may need to be moved and removed so that the installation process can go smoothly.

Old Units will be Removed

Do you have an old air conditioning unit set in the place where the new one will be set? If you answer yes, then this is something that the professional company still has to do. The air conditioning installers will brief you about the things that they are going to do so that you will be prepared. To remove the old unit, it must be unplugged first. There are some professional companies that would require that the power will be turned off for a certain period of time while the AC is being removed from its old spot for safety reasons.

It is best that you have done all of the things that would require electricity before the professional installers arrive so that you will be comfortable as they work on removing your old unit before the new one can be installed. Once the old unit is disconnected, they will then remove it from the vicinity.

The Installation of the New AC Unit

what to expect when your new air conditioning unit is being installed

Once the old unit is removed and placed in a different area, the area will be cleaned and prepared for the new unit. This will be done to make sure that the installation process will go on smoothly. The time frame for this will be different from one household to another. There are some who will get their new AC units installed in less than an hour. There are some that are more complicated because of various reasons. For example, if the ceiling is high, there are some tools and materials that are needed by the professional installers to make this happen.

You also have to prepare yourself because there may be times when there are unseen complications that may occur while the unit is being installed. Once these complications are checked and addressed, then things may be easier. The time it will take to install the AC unit will also depend on the number of AC units that will be used.

AC Installation Completed

Once the air conditioning unit has been installed properly, it will be tested with you, the owner, present in the area. During the testing, you will see if the air coming from the unit is cool. You can also test if the air is going to the areas that would require cooling. The professional installers may also take the time to check your ductwork just to see if there are some leaks that would need to be repaired soon. The airflow will also be measured to be sure that that the AC unit is performing its best and will perform its best when you use it during random times.

This is the time when you can ask questions about the AC unit especially if there are some things that you do not understand about it yet. If in case you cannot think of questions, do not worry. Professional installers will make an effort to explain details about how your AC will work. You need to familiarize yourself with the VRV VRF systems.

VRV means Variable Refrigerant Volume while VRF means Variable Refrigerant Flow. There are some air conditioning units that are made with VRV systems that are more apt for homes while there are also some that are better used in commercial establishments. This will make sure that a certain space will be cooled properly. The VRF makes cooling possible with the use of refrigerants.

You can double check if you like where the new AC is installed and if it works with the rest of the room. There is a need to know the following details:

  • How you can keep the unit working as efficiently as possible.

  • What are the maintenance requirements for your particular AC unit? You may refer to your user’s guide or manual. Once again, if you have some questions, you can ask the installers about it.

  • The benefits and the features of the AC unit. You need to know if you have made the right choice with the AC unit and there is a big chance that you have.

100% Satisfaction

A lot of professional installers know that your satisfaction with the AC unit that you have purchased will also be dependent on how they have installed the unit. You need to let them know if you are not 100% satisfied with the services that they have provided. If in case you are, you need to keep their number so that you can contact them when you need air conditioner repairs.

If you are happy with the services that you have received from your chosen company, you can refer them to people you know who are also looking for a company to provide the same services. You may also place a positive review on their website just to let people know what your experience with the company was. It will help spare people the trouble of searching for other companies that may not provide the proper services that they are searching for.

Do you think you already know all of the important details regarding what you to expect with your air conditioning installation? It is only normal that you will feel a bit confused with all the details but the more that you educate yourself, the easier it would be to deal with the actual installation day.

Enjoy the cool air coming from your newly-installed air conditioning unit!

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